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something to ease my mind

I've still got some jitters, but I'm feeling better. Trying to work off the nervous energy in a positive way. Still looking at recipes and occasionally playin around with some pictures in Photoshop. It helps pass the time and get my mind of off miscellaneous things that are bugging me. May take a walk around downtown at some point.

Whenever I go downtown, the galleries all seem to be closed. I swear those people have it in for me. Hehe. Eh.. not really like I ever see anything in there that sparks my interest + i'm broke so it wouldn't really matter.

Sometime this week (after the family has all vacated) I'm goinig to go to Michael's and buy me some paints to slap around on a canvas. Painting is very therapeutic for me and I'd do it now, but I don't get any money until Friday.
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