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i hate to say i was relieved

Something sticky is all the fuck over my keyboard and I have absolutely no idea what it is. Uck.

I went over to my friend Lauren's house and was happy to see that Petra wasn't there. I don't really have anything personal against the girl, I don't even really know her. It's just that she gets so threatened by any female presence around her girlfriend that she feels the need to overcompensate and pretty much crawl all over Lauren and it gets old fast.

I'd rather be sitting at home alone than watching them bump and grind on the love seat.

Anyway, me and Lauren pretty much just hung out and a few beers and talked. That's pretty much what we always do. Sometimes we spice it up and watch tv though. Hehe.

I left around 1:00 cause I was feeling tired, but now I'm home and I'm all wired and energetic. This is always seems to happen to me. I feel like crawling up the walls.
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